Clea Christakos-Gee

What Fits

I work with found imagery that is sourced predominantly from contemporary and vintage fashion magazines. As a young girl I felt an attachment to fashion magazines, to their colourful glossy pages and pretty photographs of women. I wrestled between a desire to be inspired by this imagery and an aversion to the capitalist, often misogynistic industry behind its production. I passively read "women's magazines" for years until I found the satisfaction of cutting them apart. I flip the power dynamic of mass media vs. consumer by intervening with the publication’s medium. I am looking to dissect these images – seeing how they transform when I cut them in half, rip their edges or remove their original context. I am drawn to the element of surprise in collage. There is a playfulness in joining images from many different origins. I watch them interact and form new compositions that are covert and revealing at once.

Using Format