After Grapefruit interprets the conceptual poetry of Yoko Ono through the photographic medium. The images are prompted by Grapefruit, Ono’s 1964 art piece constructed of brief instructional poems. Initially I was drawn to the potent awareness of Ono’s poetry; She speaks about nature and physical connection, private and social consciousness, eating and breathing—innate parts of the human experience. Following her lead, my photographs are personal and intuitive, bringing into relationship subject matter and people important in my environment. The series combines staged portraits and atmospheric photographs, some performing the instructions while others communicate an emotion or energetic quality I find in Ono’s writing. Rather than considering the text and images as cemented pairs, After Grapefruit is an assemblage, where both modes can circulate, echo, speak in unison, and allow space for continued imagination. 

“What I’m trying to do is make something happen by throwing a pebble into the water and creating ripples… I don’t want to control the ripples.” - Yoko Ono 

  • All selected instruction pieces by Yoko Ono from Grapefruit, 1964, published by Simon & Schuster, New York, 1970, 2000.

After Grapefruit 2017 Photobook

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