Elizabeth (At Fourteen), 2018

Alexandra, 2018

Alexandra and Elizabeth, 2018

Alexandra and Elizabeth, 2018

Margaret (At Twenty), 2018

Alexandra and Elizabeth, 2018

Alexandra and Elizabeth, 2018

Alexandra, 2018

Elizabeth and Margaret, 2018

Elizabeth, 2018

Alexandra (At Ten), 2018

Alexandra and Margaret, 2018

The Rose Sisters, 2018

Alexandra and her best friend Bronwyn (At Nine), 2017

Elizabeth and her best friend Beatrice, 2017

Alexandra Rose, 2016

Elizabeth Rose, 2016

The Rose Sisters (At Eight, Eighteen, Twelve), 2016

This photographic series documents the lives and relationships of three sisters: Alexandra Rose, Elizabeth Rose, and Margaret Rose. The sisters, now aged eleven, fifteen, and twenty-one, are a subject that I have revisited every winter for the last three years, allowing me to build an extended portrait series imagining their familial relationship and the particular phases of girlhood which they inhabit.

In constructing these extended ‘family portraits’, I am interested in exploring what can be charted photographically about three sisters facing separate moments of self-definition. I am conscious of what is lost or flattened by the artifice of the staged image. My intention began with a consideration of how we communicate about and around imagery surrounding sisters coming of age. I wonder how these female subjects may negotiate their sense of self and sense of each other in spite of them. Rather than attempting to document the personal nuances of the Rose sisters, I aim to represent something more playful and reflective of the precarious phase of adolescence.

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